Justin Williams

Hip Hop

Justin fell into teaching after being asked to sub a few Beginner Hip Hop classes. After teaching at a few different plaecs, for all types of students, he realized that he really enjoys helping people grow. A successful class to Justin, is when you  see light bulbs turn on in the heads of the students, or when students start realizing thier potential. Currently teaching a Performance based Hip Hop class, the focus is never about the choreography and how much you can remember. It is about the character and the emotion/feeling you give to others watching. We do a lot of character work, group actiivities to help pull the performer out of the student.

Still actively pursuing dance himself, you can find Justin in Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical classes training and having fun. At this time, he is working towards becoming a Monsters of Hip Hop cast member. On stage he has danced for Ciara, Shanaya J and Macklemore. Locally is and has been apart of Breed Seattle, Twisted Elegance, PG Fam and PG Boys.

6:30 PM
7:30 PM
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