Isaiah Rashaad

Heels, Jazzfunk, Hip Hop

Isaiah was born and raised here in Seattle, WA. He found his love for dancing and performing early on as music videos, award shows, magazines and radio hits became his fuel for pursuing stage and entertainment. He joined high school dance teams, musical theater programs, performance training groups and trained with some of our most prominent hometown choreographers; Isaac Tee, Daniel Cruz, Alvedo Hobson, Maxie Jamal and Kabby Mitchell among many others.

After receiving a scholarship at Monsters of Hip-Hop Seattle in 2009, he was granted the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his passion for performance. Making his mark on the industry, Isaiah had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best choreographers in the industry. Tina Landon, Tanisha Scott, Kevin Maher and Rich and Tone to name a few. He’s also worked with world renowned musical recording artists Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Todrick Hall, Shangela, and Jane Zhang.

Isaiah’s love for performance art and travel has allowed him to see the world through a more artistic lens. Connecting his experiences through music, art, life, and movement, he’s had the opportunity to create for major brands such as Ubisoft Just Dance, Porsche, Adidas, Nike, Skoda and Ed Hardy. From China to Thailand, Korea, Hawaii, and other studios around the U.S., Isaiah has been able to teach, connect and build community with dancers all around the world.

He is the Creative Director and Founder of “Zay's Baes”, a performance company that focuses on artist development, performance training, and personal branding. He is also the Creative Director and Founder of "A Day With Zay"  LLC (The Ad Wiz)  a Digital Design and Content Creation company based out of Seattle, Wa. You may have seen some of his work on our social media page as he is Westlake's current social media manager! He is also the Co-Founder of “Camera & Choreo”, a workshop designed to provide an on-camera training experience with commercial slating, performance choreography and more! He is also a community board member of The Backstage Foundation, is a non-profit that funds opportunities for young dancers to build their talent and character while fulfilling their dreams and inspiring others. You may have also seen him around the city on local ads as a commercial model with Big Fish NW Talent.

Isaiah’s main mission has always been to equip, empower and prepare upcoming artists and dancers who are looking to work in any capacity of the entertainment industry. His mission has always been community and bringing the world together through art, music and movement.

Visit to learn more about Isaiah!

“Always leave your heart in your art and do everything with an attitude of gratitude!”

-Isaiah Rashaad Aka “Zay”

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